Did you ever see the fantastic things that can be done with tile work? You can cover an entire room in tile, continuing designs from the walls onto the floors and ceilings. When done properly and with the help of a skilled artist, the designs can be truly stunning. If you’ve never been inspired by tile fireplace surrounds, you have to consider them for your fireplace.

Tile fireplace surrounds won’t be for everyone. While you are going to find tiles in all shapes, sizes, colors and combinations, some people don’t prefer the overall look and feel. It’s very hard to not find something in tile that suits your tastes, though. You can go through an entire range of styles, from solid colors (light or dark) to geometric patterns. You can also have murals done in tile, but these will absolutely required someone experienced with tile work to do properly. Some particularly stunning fireplace surrounds incorporate entire murals on the wall, using the fire place as a key element in the picture. When done by a proper artist, these types of designs can be very inspiring and the centerpiece for conversation.

If you are considering the installation of any fireplace surrounds, we recommend you consider tile pieces in addition to the traditional stone and marble pieces. You can mimic either feel with tile when done correctly. Tile is also a good way to bring a stacked stone feeling to a modern room. You would generally expect to see stacked stone in a rustic, log-cabin style room. But if you mimic the placement of the stacked stones with tiles, you can bring that same feel to a modern, geometric design. It’s largely a matter of taste.

Ensuring that you choose the right fireplace surrounds for your home is essential. If you choose the wrong style, you could waste time and money. Making sure you weigh and consider all of the options is a good way to minimize future stress and headaches. Having to go through the process of choosing and installing the surround more than once won’t be fun. If you get it right the first time, the new surround can provide additional enjoyment to any room.

Whether you know what kind of fireplace surrounds you like or not, consider all of the options before making a final commitment. There are probably more options than you know about!

Dry stone walling is a method used to build a stone wall without any mortar. If you have never thought about how a wall is built, this might not seem very impressive to you. But the beauty of these walls is unsurpassed by any other, and the skill involved is truly impressive. Many people who have never performed any sort of stone masonry will have a hard time accepting just how difficult the installation of this type of wall can be, and if you have never seen one, it can be tough to understand just how striking they appear.

They are also known as stone hedges. They are held together by the interlocking of the stones. The skill involved in choosing the right stones is truly amazing, and putting the wall together is equally difficult. It’s something that an amateur truly needs assistance with. If you have no experience in masonry, your best bet is to hire a professional to see the project through to completion, as it will become impossible to complete your dry stone walling project.

These walls can be used for a number of purposes, but mostly you will see them installed as fences and retaining walls. Many people find that the unique appearance it provides can really show the world the amount of wealth and taste the homeowner has. If you are one who likes others to admire your property, this is a great way to do so. You will also find that dry stone walling is a great way to enhance the value of your property.

Dry stone walling is best done on properties that already have an extensive amount of work completed. It is one of the finishing touches to really taking a property from “nice” to “phenomenal.” When you see estates, they often have some sort of dry stone structures. Dry stone walling can also be used to build external structures, such as pool or pump houses. This technique is reserved for those with the best tastes. If you are really looking to bring your property up a notch in terms of beauty and value, this is one of the best investments you can make, but only after you have completed other basic upgrades, such as stone cladding and stone drive ways. Consider dry stone walling the “capstone” in your upgrade project.

If you have a fireplace that you want to give an extra boost of elegance, you should consider installing stone fireplace surrounds. These devices are able to be installed by you as the home-owner, but can also be installed by a professional or contractor. There are a range of styles available for you to choose from depending on your tastes. You will be able to find a surround that matches the rest of your interior decorating, for sure.

When choosing amongst the many stone fireplace surrounds available on the market, consider a few things. If you are going to be building and installing your own, are you looking for a pre-made piece? These often come as solid pieces of stone and can be heavy and difficult to install. If your home has more of a regal appearance, it may be necessary to go this route. These pieces are often made of marble or other solid stones. They will look great in any home that has that elegant, upscale feeling.

If you are installing stone fireplace surrounds in a more rustic home, you should consider installing a piece that is built from multiple stones. These looks provide more of a colonial feeling and go great with exposed beams and other rustic looks. If you have a log cabin style home, you may also want to consider this type of mantle for your home.

While there are many options available, the most important consideration is the overall appearance of your home. If you are picking a unit that doesn’t match the overall feel of the room where it will be installed, you may end up regretting your purchase. This is where hiring a professional really comes in handy. Rather than purchasing the unit and attempting to install it yourself, consider hiring a professional to make sure the whole job is completed smoothly from start to finish.

If you are going to choose stone fireplace surrounds without the assistance of a professional, you should definitely consider consulting them for the installation. You want to insure that your investment is properly protected after installation. Improper installation can lead to long term problems and wasted money. Save yourself the headaches and consider professional installation.

Did you know that many of the houses you see that appear to be built of brick or stone actually have stone cladding? Many people don’t even know what this is. This article seeks to explain the topic to you, so you have a thorough understanding and can impress your friends the next time you spot the materials in use.

The first thing to understand is just what exactly stone cladding is. Cladding is the application of a material to the exterior of some structure, in order to protect the insides from the external elements. You can apply cladding to just about anything that has a distinct interior / exterior division. Cladding can be applied to wiring, metal, and even glass. The most common type of cladding you will see is stone cladding, which is used to guide water and wind away from the sensitive internal structures of your building. Many buildings that appear to be built from stone or brick are actually standard wooden structures with cladding applied to the exterior. Siding is not actually a kind of cladding, but you can think of it in the same way. This should help clarify what cladding is.

Why would you want to apply stone cladding to your building or home? First of all, it is a crucial piece of the component when it comes to protecting the structure from the elements. It also can apply a very unique and distinguishing look to a building. If you have been living in the same structure for years and are hoping for some sort of an upgrade, you can apply a cladding to give an entirely new look to a tired, old structure.

The good news is, it’s not as expensive as many people thing. You can often have it done in an affordable manner. You should coordinate any other remodeling or exterior renovations with the installation of your stone cladding. This will ensure you get a uniform look and appearance. You want to make sure that everything flows together well, and having a professional stone mason handle your cladding and drive way at the same time is a great way to get a stylish new look for your home. Next time you drive by a brick building, you will know that it is probably constructed of stone cladding.

Stone fireplaces invoke a certain feeling. Whether you’ve ever sat in front of one or not, people are eager to have one in their home and love the appearance of the stones surrounding the fire. It brings a sense of nostalgia, taking us back to a time that we may not have ever experienced, besides in the movies. It reminds some people of log cabins, others of medieval times, and still others are reminded of Sherlock Holmes. Regardless of whether you want to sip hot chocolate or smoke a pipe in front of the blazing fire, it sure is nice to have stone fireplaces in your home.

What many people particularly like is the rustic look and feel of stone fireplaces. You can have hewn stone installed around your fireplace to give it that particular look and feel, or you can go with brick. You can also go with cobble stones and natural stones. It really depends on the overall feeling you want to elicit when sitting in front of the blaze. Whether or not you will be sitting in front of the fireplace at specific times or on a regular basis will determine what you are going to want to do in terms of the overall appearance of your fireplace.

Many people love stone fireplaces because they are less of a fire hazard than some other materials. For instance, wooden mantles have been known to catch ablaze, causing the whole house to go up in flames. This is very rare for stone fireplaces, as stone can’t really catch on fire and needs to be heated far beyond what standard flames could do, anyway. You are going to love the look and safety provided by your fireplace if it is made of solid stone.

There is also a modern appearance to some stone fireplaces. You can have stone installed that is made to be completely smooth and glossy. Many of these fireplaces are difficult to install and only professionals can do so. But if you are looking for the ultimate in modern interior design, a totally flat and completely smooth surface surrounding your fireplace will help to complete the look. Whether you have a floating fireplace in the middle of the room or one against the wall, you will be able to enjoy the look of stone fireplaces.