Did you know that many of the houses you see that appear to be built of brick or stone actually have stone cladding? Many people don’t even know what this is. This article seeks to explain the topic to you, so you have a thorough understanding and can impress your friends the next time you spot the materials in use.

The first thing to understand is just what exactly stone cladding is. Cladding is the application of a material to the exterior of some structure, in order to protect the insides from the external elements. You can apply cladding to just about anything that has a distinct interior / exterior division. Cladding can be applied to wiring, metal, and even glass. The most common type of cladding you will see is stone cladding, which is used to guide water and wind away from the sensitive internal structures of your building. Many buildings that appear to be built from stone or brick are actually standard wooden structures with cladding applied to the exterior. Siding is not actually a kind of cladding, but you can think of it in the same way. This should help clarify what cladding is.

Why would you want to apply stone cladding to your building or home? First of all, it is a crucial piece of the component when it comes to protecting the structure from the elements. It also can apply a very unique and distinguishing look to a building. If you have been living in the same structure for years and are hoping for some sort of an upgrade, you can apply a cladding to give an entirely new look to a tired, old structure.

The good news is, it’s not as expensive as many people thing. You can often have it done in an affordable manner. You should coordinate any other remodeling or exterior renovations with the installation of your stone cladding. This will ensure you get a uniform look and appearance. You want to make sure that everything flows together well, and having a professional stone mason handle your cladding and drive way at the same time is a great way to get a stylish new look for your home. Next time you drive by a brick building, you will know that it is probably constructed of stone cladding.