Did you ever see the fantastic things that can be done with tile work? You can cover an entire room in tile, continuing designs from the walls onto the floors and ceilings. When done properly and with the help of a skilled artist, the designs can be truly stunning. If you’ve never been inspired by tile fireplace surrounds, you have to consider them for your fireplace.

Tile fireplace surrounds won’t be for everyone. While you are going to find tiles in all shapes, sizes, colors and combinations, some people don’t prefer the overall look and feel. It’s very hard to not find something in tile that suits your tastes, though. You can go through an entire range of styles, from solid colors (light or dark) to geometric patterns. You can also have murals done in tile, but these will absolutely required someone experienced with tile work to do properly. Some particularly stunning fireplace surrounds incorporate entire murals on the wall, using the fire place as a key element in the picture. When done by a proper artist, these types of designs can be very inspiring and the centerpiece for conversation.

If you are considering the installation of any fireplace surrounds, we recommend you consider tile pieces in addition to the traditional stone and marble pieces. You can mimic either feel with tile when done correctly. Tile is also a good way to bring a stacked stone feeling to a modern room. You would generally expect to see stacked stone in a rustic, log-cabin style room. But if you mimic the placement of the stacked stones with tiles, you can bring that same feel to a modern, geometric design. It’s largely a matter of taste.

Ensuring that you choose the right fireplace surrounds for your home is essential. If you choose the wrong style, you could waste time and money. Making sure you weigh and consider all of the options is a good way to minimize future stress and headaches. Having to go through the process of choosing and installing the surround more than once won’t be fun. If you get it right the first time, the new surround can provide additional enjoyment to any room.

Whether you know what kind of fireplace surrounds you like or not, consider all of the options before making a final commitment. There are probably more options than you know about!