Stone fireplaces invoke a certain feeling. Whether you’ve ever sat in front of one or not, people are eager to have one in their home and love the appearance of the stones surrounding the fire. It brings a sense of nostalgia, taking us back to a time that we may not have ever experienced, besides in the movies. It reminds some people of log cabins, others of medieval times, and still others are reminded of Sherlock Holmes. Regardless of whether you want to sip hot chocolate or smoke a pipe in front of the blazing fire, it sure is nice to have stone fireplaces in your home.

What many people particularly like is the rustic look and feel of stone fireplaces. You can have hewn stone installed around your fireplace to give it that particular look and feel, or you can go with brick. You can also go with cobble stones and natural stones. It really depends on the overall feeling you want to elicit when sitting in front of the blaze. Whether or not you will be sitting in front of the fireplace at specific times or on a regular basis will determine what you are going to want to do in terms of the overall appearance of your fireplace.

Many people love stone fireplaces because they are less of a fire hazard than some other materials. For instance, wooden mantles have been known to catch ablaze, causing the whole house to go up in flames. This is very rare for stone fireplaces, as stone can’t really catch on fire and needs to be heated far beyond what standard flames could do, anyway. You are going to love the look and safety provided by your fireplace if it is made of solid stone.

There is also a modern appearance to some stone fireplaces. You can have stone installed that is made to be completely smooth and glossy. Many of these fireplaces are difficult to install and only professionals can do so. But if you are looking for the ultimate in modern interior design, a totally flat and completely smooth surface surrounding your fireplace will help to complete the look. Whether you have a floating fireplace in the middle of the room or one against the wall, you will be able to enjoy the look of stone fireplaces.

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